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While We Stayed Home

Directed by Gil vesely

Fiction, 5 min, 2020


It’s night time during the Corona virus quarantine. While we stayed home, a young man met a young woman in the empty streets of Tel-Aviv.

Flirting became difficult, for each hid a secret under his mask

Written & Directed by Gil vesely

Cast Amit Roth

           Aleeza chanowitch 

Produced by Harel Ben Melech

Editing Gil vesely

Cinematography May Abadi-Grebler

Distributor Company: Costanza film distrobutotion

Festivals & Awards

Winner  Utopia Film Festival Israe 2020

                 Cinequest Film & VR Festival (San Jose) 2021

MECAL PRO, Barcelona Short and Animation Film Festival

IMAGINE Film Festival Amsterdam

BAFICI International Film Festival

Lighthouse International Film Festival

Damn These Heels queer film festival

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